Currently funded research projects

2015 – 2017. PI. Extrapolating ground reaction force from bird footprints. EPSRC Leadership award (ARCHER).

2015 – 2018. Co-I. Birth of a dinosaur track: formation dynamics and the origin of footprint diversity. NSF, in collaboration with Stephen Gatesy (PI, Brown University).

Project aims to explore how diversity arises in footprints, particularly dinosaur tracks, using both extant animals and computer simulation.

Funding awarded for PhDs:

2016 – 2019. PhD Supervisor. Mass and pressure distribution (LJMU centrally funded)

2016 – 2019. PhD Supervisor. Hydrodynamics of Plesiosaur necks. (LJMU faculty funded)

Past grants

2015 – 2016. Co-I. Integrated software solution for the 3-dimensional capture and analysis of footwear evidence. NERC, in collaboration with Matthew Bennett (PI, Bournemouth University).

2014-2015. PI. Using computer simulation to study dinosaur biomechanics from fossil footprints. XSEDE supercomputing resource, (NSF). With Stephen Gatesy (Brown University)

2012 – 2015. PI. Reconstructing dinosaur/bird locomotor evolution: 3-D track simulation and x-ray validation. Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship, in collaboration with Stephen Gatesy (Brown University) and John Hutchinson (Royal Veterinary College).

2013 – 2014. PI. Simulating bird and dinosaur footprints. XSEDE supercomputing resource, start-up grant (NSF).

2012 – 2013. PI. Understanding limb motion in birds and dinosaurs traversing deep substrates. HECToR pump priming/New research [BBSRC and in collaboration with NERC]