Photogrammetry Testing: Doing it properly (by someone else)

If you’ve been following my vague attempts to try different pieces of photogrammetry software, I imagine you will be very interested indeed to read the following paper: Knapitsch et al 2017 (link to paper at the bottom of that page). The authors generate some lovely ground truth data with laser scanners, then record images with video cameras. Then they throw everything at the data sets and rank the software pipelines based on accuracy. SPOILERS: Looks like COLMAP (which I cover here) performs best out of the freely available options, by a fair margin. As an aside, I’ve been running COLMAP … Continue reading Photogrammetry Testing: Doing it properly (by someone else)

Photogrammetry testing 7: SMVS (+MVE)

Part 1: Photoscan | Part 2: VisualSFM+MeshRecon | Part 3: VisualSFM+PMVS+Meshlab | Part 4: OpenMVG + MVS | Part 5: MVE | Part 6: ReMake | Part 7: SMVS (+MVE) | Part 8: COLMAP I have previously outlined my goal of testing multiple photogrammetry solutions on a single dataset, and reporting times and results. I’m using a dataset based on photographs of this Styracosaurus model (I’ve had it since I was quite young): The dataset has 53 photos in total, and is available from this link. [This will be moved to figshare in due course]. The model is about 12 … Continue reading Photogrammetry testing 7: SMVS (+MVE)